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Supplier Portal Integration

Supplier Portal Integration

Improve communications in both directions to reduce mistakes and help ensure the right goods arrive when and where needed. You will minimize the time to achieve consistent and excellence in performance.


Integrating the Supplier Collaboration Portal with Quality Management:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Turn any of your paper documents into electronic data collection forms for accurate, complete, quick and secure transmission to all relevant specialists. Each supplier completes their forms and using a mobile device transmits their data directly to your HQMS system. The data is immediately available to all your authorized personnel. This includes such items as deviation requests, parts returns, warranty issues, supplier rejects, returns, corrective actions, and much more.

HGI Analytics and Business Intelligence

Develop quality reports, charts, and graphic visualizations, dashboards, individual supplier scorecards with their actual metrics compared with expected KPIs for the supplier’s quality management, executive management and your own quality, sourcing, financial and executive management teams.

ERP System Integration

Integrate your corporate data sources and ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP to facilitate “one view” of material requirements, inventory levels, purchase orders, shipping, receiving, invoicing and accounts payable information.

Supplier Portal Access

Authorized supplier personnel are easily and securely signed-up and allowed access to HGI’s Supplier Collaboration Portal. Data entry for HQMS and the Supplier Portal both require authorized access, acceptance and electronic signature(s) by your authorized employees, ensuring completion of the communications loop. Suppliers can maintain multiple contacts/logins for their Supplier Account through the portal, with an easy approval process for your organization to approve new Supplier Accounts and new Supplier Contacts.

Receipts & Receiving Inspection

Receiving Inspection offers configurable AQL tables and provides an industry-standard workflow to accept or reject received materials. SCAR and MNC records can be created instantly to track inspection failures to resolution.

Issue Management

The HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal has modules for Supplier Corrective Action Request, Material Non-Conformance and Audits, allowing your authorized and responsible personnel to document problems found with supplier parts/components. It provides a direct and immediate communication link with suppliers’ employees so they can rapidly respond and correct or replace non-conforming materials and reimburse your organization for appropriate expenses.

First Part Approval / PPAP / New Parts

HQMS and the Collaboration Portal track the FPA/PPAP processes to ensure complete compliance with expected deliverables. Once the process has been completed and approved, the new/changed part is added to the approved parts list.

Corrective/Preventive Action

Utilize the 8D or 7D processes to: designate team members, define and contain problems, determine/verify root causes, implement both interim and permanent Corrective Actions, and validate the effectiveness of your Corrective Actions.

Non Conformance

Manage all non-conformances in one centralized database, track customer complaints, internal audit findings, warranty returns, progress and disposition of non-conformances, and all supplier issues so nothing falls through the cracks.